Operational Strategy Equals Value Creation


OpenGate Capital mitigates the risks associated with carving out and operating a business as it transitions from a parent organization to independence. This approach creates win-win results for sellers and the businesses OpenGate acquires. The seller's divestiture goals are achieved quickly and quietly, and the newly acquired business is infused with the human and financial capital it needs to become a profitable, sustainable and thriving enterprise.


  • Investment strategy not limited to geographic boundaries or niche markets
  • Seasoned international multi- disciplinary private buy-out team located in the US, Europe and South America
  • Extensive global network of C-level executives, advisory firms and industry experts


  • No pre-defined transaction structures or investment timelines
  • Design appropriate financial models based on the seller needs and structure of the acquired business
  • As a privately held firm, OpenGate has great flexibility and creates unique deal terms

Entrepreneurial Partnership

  • Create transition and operations plans that are deployed the first day of ownership
  • Partner with existing management teams to drive new life and energy into the business and its operations
  • Take interim operating positions from back office functions and finance roles, to tax, legal, and human resources positions enabling management to focus on maintaining business continuity